Say What?

Driving down a narrow road about nine in the morning, listening to a little soft music with a cup of coffee in my cup holder, thinking I was doing the speed limit until a guy come swerving around me doing about ninety. He pulled up next to me and mumbled a lot of bad words (I read his lips very well with these) I care not to repeat. The saddest part is that I was really trying to hear him and see what was wrong and then realized my hearing wasn’t what it needed to be. He said whatever he had to say and took off but instead of me being angry I was more concerned with why I couldn’t hear all of the words he was saying. I’m sure he was yelling loud enough for me to hear just by his body language. I knew then I probably needed hearing aids Stockport and nothing was more upsetting than that. I really wanted to find him and hug him because it made me realize I had an issue and it sure wasn’t my driving it was my hearing. I was able to go and see about it and get what was needed so that the next time I ran into him I would be able to utter a few choice words myself!

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