My Husband’s Bonus

Last week, my husband was promoted at work. I was so proud of his accomplishment. I know how hard he worked for it. Not only did he get a raise, but he was also given a bonus. We decided we would wait a week before discussing how to use it. That way, we would both have the time to think about what we wanted.

I know my husband has wanted a Bolton CCTV system for a long time. I thought of all the things I wanted, but it just seems fair to let him get that installed first. Most of the things I want are small items. I know he will be willing to buy them for me as soon as we have the money. If there is anything left over from the system installation, I will get them right away.

He works hard, and I know this is what he wants. I cannot wait to sit down and discuss how we will spend that bonus. This is going to be a good talk for both of us.

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