Aged Dreams

The idea of playing music for a living was a dream early in my life. I grew up listening to jazz, blues and swing music from records in my boyhood home. These styles called to me as they were upbeat and deeply rooted in the South as I am Georgia born. The saxophone was a wailing call to my soul. Its unique sounds and range made my desire to play as I got older. The time middle school came around, money was rare in my family. I spend 2 years saving from my grass cutting money and little birthday gifts to get this one goal of mine. Finally, at the summer of twelve years old, I became a saxophonist. The time was when I walked into a local pawn shop to find beaten, tarnished saxophone with a torn, banged up hard wooden case. The sax was older than my mother but had the story I was looking for. My life of a saxophone player Manchester was in the start and now I could seek my true calling.

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